In the Pokémon universe, a Badge is an item which denotes a trainer as having defeated a gym leader.

Rijon Edit

The eight gyms in Rijon are in the same areas in both Pokémon Brown and Rijon Adventures.

Location Leader Type Badge
Merson City Karpman Water Marine Badge
Owsauri City Lily Ice Hail Badge
Jaeru City Sparky (Brown) Electric Sparky Badge (Brown)
Scott (RA) Spark Badge (RA)
Moraga Town Lois Grass Sprout Badge
Castro Valley Koji (Brown) Fighting Fist Badge
Ginta (RA)
Seashore City Sheral Psychic Psi Badge
Equality River Joe Reed (Brown) Normal (Brown) White Badge
Edward Reed (RA) Ghost and Dark (RA)
Eagulou City Giovanni (Brown) Ground Star Badge
Ronan (RA)

Naljo Edit

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