Real name Lachlan
Gender Male
Age  ??
Hair colour Blonde
Eye colour Blue
Hometown Merson City
Relatives Unnamed sister
Trainer Class Leader
Leader of Merson City Gym
Badge Marine Badge
Specializes in Water-types

Karpman is Merson City's gym leader in both Pokémon Brown and Rijon Adventures.

Pokémon Brown Edit

Karpman uses a level 10 Horsea and a level 12 Vaporeon. When defeated, he gives the player a Marine Badge and a TM12 (Octazooka).

Pokémon Rijon Adventures Edit

Merson City
Reward:PokémonDollar 1400
TM03 (Water Pulse)
Karpman - sprite
RA - Team2

Lvl 12


Lvl 14

Water Gun Twister Water Pulse Quick Attack
Agility Smoke Screen Tail Whip Bite

Trainer Hill
Reward:PokémonDollar 5500
Macho Brace
Karpman - sprite
RA - Team5
Feraligatr Lvl 50
Item: Salac Berry

Lvl 50

Surf Ice Beam Thunderbolt Ice Beam
Dragon Claw Crunch Perish Song Psychic
Crawdaunt Lvl 55
Item: Salac Berry

Lvl 53

Surf Crunch Sheer Cold Ice Beam
Brick Break Aerial Ace Fake Out Rest
Milotic Lvl 55
Item: Sitrus Berry
Recover Ice Beam
Swagger Waterfall

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