Larvitar is a 2nd Generation Pokémon and can be found in Pokémon Brown, Pokémon Prism, and Rijon Adventures.

Pokémon Brown Edit

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Pokémon Prism Edit

Larvitar is the first Pokémon encountered by the player upon arriving in Naljo from an Unidentified Region. It therefore functions as the game's starter Pokémon and is #001 in the Naljo Pokédex. It later turns out to be Professor Ilk's Pokémon, but he happily gives it to Prism when he sees their strong bond.

Shortly after encountering the player's Larvitar, a second wild Larvitar runs away from the player and hides in a hole. The player then assumes control of their own Larvitar to crawl into the hole and talk to the wild Pokémon. This is the first of several instances in the game in which the player controls a Pokémon rather than a trainer.

Its male/female ratio is 50/50. It is a rock/ground type. It evolves into Pupitar at level 26 and into Tyranitar at level 42.

Sprite Front Sprite Back
Larvitar back

Rijon Adventures Edit

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