Mound Cave
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Connecting Locations
Spurge City
Route 69
Mound Cave
Route 83
Route 73
File:Naljo Route 0 Map.png
Location of Mound Cave in Naljo.

Mound Cave is a cave in Naljo, one between Route 73 and Spurge City, and another between Route 69 and Route 83. The player must bring in an Electric-type Pokémon to light up the cave, and a Fire-type to light the dynamite required to clear the blocked tunnel.


Ground LevelEdit

Zubat Lv7 Shinx Lv6

2D partEdit

Zubat Lv8 Shinx Lv9

B2 Dark roomEdit

Zubat Lv9-10 Paras Lv9 Bronzor Lv8 Geodude Lv9



The player will meet the rival immediately after entering the main cave.

Pre battle quoteEdit

I can't hear you... OK, now I get you. Alright, you want me to go where? (Looks at player with a fusturation emoji, (Sound effect for overworld poison effect plays.) ) ... I call you back. (Hungs up phone sound effect plays.)

(Turns to player) I told you to stay out of my way. Can't you follow the most basic instructions? ... I guess it's time to see if these new Pokémon can slice your team up real good!"


Paras L11 Male Effect Spore Fury Cutter Cut

Sneasel L12 Male Icy wind Cut

Bagon L13 Male Headbutt Leer Bite

"What was that for, Huh?" ¥780

"These worthless pests are just a waste of my time. Now I am off to find new Pokémon that suit my specific needs. ... What those are? Hah! That's not your concern."

Palette BlackEdit


Pre battle quoteEdit

"I just do what the boss says. If I get paid, I won't complain."


Houndour Lv13 Male Ember Leer Spite Pursuit

Shuppet Lv13 Male Astonish Foresight Spite Nightshade

Eevee Lv14 Male Quick Attack Tail Whip

After defeat quoteEdit




Post battle quoteEdit

"I don't know what we're doing; all I care about is the money."

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