Naljo Ruins
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This area is not described by a map.
Required for navigation
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Connecting Locations
Clathrite Tunnel
Naljo Ruins
Route 78
File:Naljo Route 0 Map.png
Location of Naljo Ruins in Naljo.

Naljo Ruins

Available Pokémon Edit

Location Pokémon Level Rarity
Outside Trapinch 30 Common
Outside Cacnea 27 Common
Outside Geodude 24 Common
Outside Graveler 28 Rare
Outside Loudred 31 Very Rare
Interior Golbat Common
Interior Beldum 15 Very Rare
Interior Solrock Very Rare
Interior Chingling Very Rare
Interior Rhyhorn Common
Interior Lairon Rare
Interior Haunter Common
Interior Koffing Rare
Interior Donphan Rare
Interior L3 Machoke Very Rare
Interior L3 Duskull Rare
Interior L4 Slugma Uncommon
Interior L4 Swablu Rare
Interior L4 Torkoal Very Rare
Interior L4 Koffing Common
Interior L4 Weezing Very Rare
Interior L4 Spiritomb Very Rare
Interior L5 Swablu (static) 40 Only One
Interior L5 Yanma (static) 40 Only One
Interior L5 Shuppet Rare
Interior L5 Beldum 32 Very Rare

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