The Protagonist of Pokémon Prism, often called "Prism" is the child of Lance from Pokémon Brown. They are of indeterminate gender and looks. Similar to later games in the official Pokémon franchise, the player can select between a male or female protagonist, and can even choose between several different trainer sprites and sprite colors.


At the beginning of Pokémon Prism, the player is camping in the forest with their mother. The mother's name is not known. She has the typical "mother" sprite from early Pokémon games; however, the colors of her skin and clothing correspond to the player's choices.

While camping, Prism's mother laments that their father is always out in the world, "making a name for himself". She voices her happiness at being able to spend time with her child, and asks them to please never forget about her even if they, too, should become famous.

In Other GamesEdit

The protagonist is mentioned in Rijon Adventures.

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