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Route 69
Naljo Route 69
Map description
This area is not described by a map.
Required for navigation
Bag HM Water Sprite Cut
Connecting Locations
Heath Village
Route 70
Route 69
Mound Cave
Location of Route 69 in Naljo.

Route 69 is a route in northwestern Naljo. It is located south of Heath Village. It has entrances to Route 70 and Mound Cave on the west and east respectively. It is the location of the house where the player battles his/her rival for the first time.


Pokémon Location Levels
Spearow FRLG Grass Grass 13
Pidgey FRLG Grass Grass 14
Sentret FRLG Grass Grass 13
Buneary FRLG Grass Grass 13
Jigglypuff FRLG Grass Grass 13
Abra FRLG Grass Grass 14
Tentacool FRLG Surf F Surfing 10-16
Feebas FRLG Surf F Surfing 15-18
Magikarp Old Rod Sprite Fishing 10
Surskit Old Rod Sprite Fishing 10
Magikarp Good Rod Sprite Fishing 20
Feebas Good Rod Sprite Fishing 20
Surskit Good Rod Sprite Fishing 20
Magikarp Super Rod Sprite Fishing 40
Feebas Super Rod Sprite Fishing 40
Surskit Super Rod Sprite Fishing 40

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