Route 73
Route 73 - Prism (Day)
Map description
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Required for navigation
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Connecting Locations
Mound Cave and Route 83
Route 73
Oxalis City
File:Naljo Route 0 Map.png
Location of Route 73 in Naljo.

Route 73 is a route in Naljo, between Oxalis City and Route 83. It also contain an entry to Mound Cave.


Item Location Games
The mountain to the south-east
Route 73 - TM53 Whirlwind
(accessible only from the Rookie Trainer Hall)
2 Repels Behind the grass to the south-east)
Route 73 - 2 Repels
Pecha Berry Berry tree to the south-west
Route 73 - Pecha Berry
Gold Token Hidden  Prism 


Route 73 - Prism (Day.Night)