Route 78
Map description
This area is not described by a map.
Required for navigation
None None
Connecting Locations
Phacelia Town
Naljo Ruins
Route 78
Route 79
File:Naljo Route 0 Map.png
Location of Route 78 in Naljo.

Route 78

Available Pokémon Edit

Area Pokémon Level Rarity
Grass Skorupi Common
Grass Lombre Common
Grass Slowpoke Uncommon
Grass Pidgeotto Rare
Grass Pineco Very Rare
Surf Tentacool 30–34 Common
Surf Wailmer 30–34 Rare
Surf Surskit 30–34 Rare
Fishing (Good Rod) Feebas 20 Common
Fishing (Good Rod) Magikarp 20 Common

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