Silk Tunnel
RijonAdv - Silk Tunnel F1
Map description
This area is not described by a map.
Required for navigation
Bag HM Water Sprite Surf
Bag HM Water Sprite Strength
Bag HM Water Sprite Rock Smash
Bag HM Water Sprite Waterfall
Connecting Locations
Moraward Path
Silk Tunnel
Moraga Town
Location of Silk Tunnel in Rijon.

The Silk Tunnel is a cave in Rijon, between Moraward Path and Moraga Town. It can be accessed by International Tunnel in Pokémon Prism, after the player hands over the Rijon Pass.


Item Location Games
Bright Powder F1, in the middle section of the map  RijonAdv 
Revive B1F, in the middle of the upper passage  RijonAdv 
Water Stone B1F, in the east section of the lower passage  RijonAdv 
Big Pearl B2F, south of the ladder in the left passafe  RijonAdv 
Max ether B3F, in the area accessible via waterfall  RijonAdv 
Revive B3F, in the South-East corner of the map  RijonAdv 


Rijon Adventures
Pokémon Location Levels
Zubat FRLG Cave Cave 16-19
Onix FRLG Cave Cave 14-17
Sandshrew FRLG Cave Cave 15,17
Machop FRLG Cave Cave 15-18
Cleffa FRLG Cave Cave 15-18
Zubat FRLG Cave Cave 15-18
Mankey FRLG Cave Cave 15-17
Geodude FRLG Cave Cave 15-17
Abra FRLG Cave Cave 16-17
Cleffa FRLG Cave Cave 15-17
Abra FRLG Cave Cave 15-17
Onix FRLG Cave Cave 15
Cleffa FRLG Cave Cave 16-17
Zubat FRLG Cave Cave 16-18
Larvitar FRLG Cave Cave 15-16
Snorunt FRLG Cave Cave 16-17
Zubat FRLG Cave Cave 15-17
Smoochum FRLG Cave Cave 16-17
Meditite FRLG Cave Cave 13, 15
Machop FRLG Cave Cave 15
Geodude FRLG Rock Smash Rock Smash 5-30
Graveler FRLG Rock Smash Rock Smash 25-40
Lugia FRLG Cave Cave 50
Pokémon Location Levels
?? RBY Cave Cave  ??


Rijon Adventures
Trainer Pokémon
Collector Syrus
Reward: PokémonDollar1260
Ponyta Lv. 21
No item
Ponyta Lv. 21
No item
Graveller Lv. 21
No item
Hiker Eric
Reward: PokémonDollar720
Machop Lv. 20
No item
Onix Lv. 20
No item
Pokémaniac Carter
Reward: PokémonDollar1320
Sudowoodo Lv. 22
No item
Smeargle Lv. 22
No item
Pokémaniac Cooper
Reward: PokémonDollar960
Slowpoke Lv. 20
No item
Slowpoke Lv. 20
No item
Slowpoke Lv. 20
No item
Battle Girl Erina
Reward: PokémonDollar504
Mankey Lv. 2
No item
Hitmontop Lv. 21
No item
Machoke Lv. 21
No item
Pokémaniac Cooper
Reward: PokémonDollar960
Slowpoke Lv. 20
No item
Slowpoke Lv. 20
No item
Slowpoke Lv. 20
No item
Ranger Tanya
Reward: PokémonDollar1056
Diglett Lv. 22
No item
Grovyle Lv. 22
No item
Pokémaniac Winston
Reward: PokémonDollar1200
Slowpoke Lv. 25
No item
Hiker Allen
Reward: PokémonDollar900
Geodude 25 Lv. 20
No item


Version 1F B1F B2F B3F B4F
Pokemon Brown
Rijon Advnture RijonAdv - Silk Tunnel F1 RijonAdv - Silk Tunnel B1F RijonAdv - Silk Tunnel B2F RijonAdv - Silk Tunnel B3F RijonAdv - Silk Tunnel B4F


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